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In January 1976 I was a bliss-filled 23-year old newlywed. 3 months after our wedding, my husband and I were awakened at 3:00AM by men with guns. We feared we were being kidnapped by hardened criminals. Kidnapping was then, and still is, a common occurrence in Brazil. As we were driven from our home, fearing death or worse, my husband and I knew our lives would never be the same. And as we clung to one another in desperation we knew our trauma was just beginning. It took decades but once I began practicing yoga in 2009 I finally was able to talk about that night and everything that had happened to us. And since then I also learned that we ALL have traumas. Each and everyone of us has fears, struggles and life-altering battles. But there is good news. I’ve also learned that each of us can overcome our traumas. We CAN heal. With help, with perseverance and dedication we can lead normal, productive lives. But the most important thing I learned is this: It’s not about the storm, it’s about how we clear the debris and rebuild. And it’s about who clears the debris with us, and who helps us rebuild.


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