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Writing began for me at age fourteen when I picked up a Jules Verne novel. I was hooked. Books transported me to new places, and gave me new experiences. I took creative writing classes in high school and college, and I knew that writing would be my life.

My writing career began with executive speeches, film scripts, and live events. Success led to the formation of my own communications company providing a full range of creative services including script writing, speech writing, film and TV writing, multi-media production, and live event design and staging.

Multi-disciplinary success led to network television writing and production contracts with CBS Television and Discovery Channels, as well as other international broadcasters.

A five-year contract with the Organization of American States (OAS) broadened my scope as I worked with Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Premieres of fifteen different countries in the Caribbean. The OAS allowed me to journey deep into the jungles of South America and across the Caribbean Sea where pirates still roam, and where, on seemingly idyllic tropical islands, I found black magic and dark intentions living just below the surface of polite society.

It was all fertile soil for my imagination.

Lawrence Clayton Miller Books

The Sixth Strand: An Adam Dekker Novel
The Sixth Strand: An Adam Dekker Novel
Plague: An Adam Dekker Novel (Abaddon) (Volume 5)
Plague: An Adam Dekker Novel (Abaddon) (Volume 5)
The Merlin Box: An Adam Dekker Novel (Abaddon Book 4)
The Merlin Box: An Adam Dekker Novel (Abaddon Book 4)

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