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Michael Fulkerson is an avid sports enthusiast, utilizing multiple medias in his writing, writing from dark histories of his life. Been wrongly convicted and falsely accused, losing fifteen years of his life for a crime he did not commit. Fulkerson met a family he has since had issues with, but, severed ties with them. He learned the hard way who his true friends are. There are two music videos on YouTube that are not Fulkerson's, in which this family did this and created fake accounts to slam him in the comments sections. In regards to Fulkerson's fighting, he was training with a Professional trainer. Fulkerson blew the trainer's mind with his boxing skills. Then, his trainer got a phone call and it began Fulkerson's pains. Fulkerson stood up the trainer, embarrassed the trainer with Fulkerson's own boxing skills. Thus, this trainer and the owner of the gym, created something in retaliation to save the trainer's butt and slam Fulkerson as a fake. Fulkerson is highly trained in Jeet Kune Do. And one of the most talented Boxers.
Fulkerson mostly writes Crime Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and Psychic War novels.
He graduated High School in 1993, has degrees in World Religions, Philosophy, Wicca. Born in Helena, Arkansas, having traveled a lot, he has been around.
His writing is an escape from the pain of the past. He lives a rather reclused life.
He continues to write the series to Career Thief, told in a first-person account, which has a Sci-Fi twist as the character is a career criminal who is a type of a Psychic Vampire.
Given the traumatization of the pain of his past, wrongfully convicted, falsely accused, he suffers from PTSD over what's happened to his life. He manages to cope through exercises.


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