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I have always loved writing and have dabbled in one format or another for some years now, mainly creating storylines and character development with my writing partner, Remy Beaumont.

This is my first venture into the world as a novelist. My first book in the "Winds of change series" will be published soon if my family life will allow as I am the main carer to my father who is living with leukaemia.

The main character throughout the three books in the series is Aurore who falls in love in the second book, Kismet. The third book, Destiny, Remy and I have written over a period of years it is ready for the first edit. "A book is not written but edited."

Here is a short synopsis of Fate book one;

Aurore With natural beauty and innocence, if not a certain naivety of the world beyond the estate. Here she lived a protected life with her beloved Pere in her Basque homeland in the Pyrenees. Until Fate cast her destiny to the four winds bringing change, her Pere brutally murdered on her 18th birthday by paid mercenaries. Her world devastated Aurore finds herself in Paris living with her guardian Capitaine Troisville in a totally different world entrenched in the politics of the time as Cardinal Richelieu's spy.


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