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I am an author who firstly writes for enjoyment, and secondly researching through history pages on the internet I find improves my knowledge of the period I am writing in. The characters in my books just materialize in my imagination at the most random times, making life interesting for my family and friends. Having said that Aurore the main character in the winds of change series I have developed over the last three years writing on a different format, and John the man she falls in love with the creation of my wonderful writing partner, the winds of change been my first solo adventure writing a book.

I am retired with one daughter and one grandson, the center of our small family is my father who lives with me, it is both a privilege and a joy to care for him, and humor is the best part of our daily life.

Born in Staffordshire where I lived until I was five before life became exciting, the life of a gypsy travelling with my parents, my father serving as an officer in the fleet air arm, both on board aircraft carriers and drafted to naval bases around the UK and overseas. This was an experience that coloured my imagination giving me a wealth of different cultural experiences, to draw on as a writer. Dyslexia undermined my confidence accumulating in me turning down a placement at university, believing myself to be a non-achiever turning to my first love horses, becoming a successful competitor and instructor.

The past few years has changed my perspective due mainly to very supportive friends and family, believe in yourself no matter what curve ball life throws your way.

My new book the second in the series "Winds of Change" La Rose Rouge. will be ready to publish in 2018.

After that I fancy an adventure into a totally new change of direction. I live in North Wales and I am surrounded by Welsh Celtic mythology, especially Rhiannon a Welsh goddess who appears in the medieval Welsh story collection, The Mabinogi. The book is in the research stage and I hope to complete it in 2019.


Winds of Change


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