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Nathan currently lives at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado. When he is not writing or spending time with his kids, he can be found enjoying the beauty of the state in which he lives.

Nathan started writing when he was very young. As he grew up, he became fascinated with novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. He found himself writing, many times because he struggled to find books that would hold his interest. His strong desire for background and character history allows him to create characters that feel as if they have been around you, living near you, or existing for a lifetime in everyday life.

Nathan spent 17 years in the military, and throughout his life has focused on always learning from those in front, teaching those behind, and ensuring that you learn from every experience; good or bad.

Over the years he has been focused on building and maturing his skill set. He works as a freelance writer, fitness coach, motivational speaker, but his passion is writing. He has published three novels: "The Nephelium", "The Vapor", and the third in the original series "The Rise". He is currently working book four, as well as three other books that are standalone novels.


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