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Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Dark Romance & Erotica

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Patricia A. Knight is the pen name for an eternal romantic and died-in-the-wool hermit who hides out in Dallas, Texas with her horses, dogs and the best man on the face of the earth. With the BMOTFOTE as navigator, she travels the US in her motorcoach, affectionately dubbed, the Taj-ma-haul. Look for her coming to your state! (Seriously, look for her... her driving skills are sketchy.) When her PA Pam forces her to, she writes.

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Frequently interviewers ask, "What is your favorite part about being an author?" My answer is always the same, "My readers." I adore writing stories that resonate with you so greatly that my characters enter your life. You rejoice with them. You sorrow with them. This is why I write.

For this reason, I ask that you to consider leaving a review on Amazon with a few words about why you did, or didn't, enjoy one of my stories. I promise to never make you uncomfortable about anything you might choose to say. Unless you contact me directly, I won't respond at all--but, please don't take my silence for lack of attention. I pay good attention to your words and value them as tools to continue to refine the difficult task of presenting you with stories that never disappoint.

For readers, the ultimate reward is finding wonderful books--for authors, it is knowing that readers love what they have written. Encourage your authors to write. Help your fellow readers find fabulous books. Leave reviews.
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