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Phillip Vega has always been a storyteller, but he’d never put pen to paper until a few years ago. Suddenly, he had a publishing contract, and in the midst of the vortex of marketing, analytics, refining, and continuing to write, he discovered what he defines as his true calling, his passion.

He is now fully and happily immersed in
the whirlwind that is the publishing industry, even as he diligently continues his work in software sales.

Phillip is a Long Islander with Hispanic roots, now living Florida, and it is from those memories of summers in Long Island that he crafted his book, Last Exit to Montauk. Now he can’t stop his brain from working through new ideas for future stories.

His hobbies, aside from enjoying his ongoing work as a published author, include many of the other art forms:
singing, performing, and reading. The beach is always home to him . . . and laughter, whether his own or someone else’s, is an unsurpassed joy that he embraces whenever possible.

Phillip lives in the Tampa Bay area with his wife, four sons and “two and a half
dogs,” which actually is four dogs, but three are Chihuahuas while the fourth is a shepherd mix. So he calls it at “two and a half.”

Comfortable in a room full of people or one on one, he welcomes opportunities for guest appearances, interviews, and book signings.


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The Captain & the Queen
The Captain & the Queen
Last Exit to Montauk
Last Exit to Montauk

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