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Action & Adventure, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy

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Born in 'the smoke' in 1970, Charles left London at the age of 13 when his family moved to 'the sticks' to build a house in a remote corner of Wales.

After graduating with a Master of Philosophy in Computer Integrated Engineering, Charles began his career as an expert in advanced design and analysis techniques. After moving to Germany for work, he crossed over to 'the dark side' and became a salesman.

On his daily train commute, Charles draws inspiration from both his technical background and the many marvelous people he meets on international business trips to build coherent Sci-Fi and Fantasy worlds filled with passionate stories populated by multi-dimensional characters.

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Act 1 (Borderlands)
Act 1 (Borderlands)
Prelude (Borderlands Book 0)
Prelude (Borderlands Book 0)

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