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Thrillers, Suspense, Mysteries, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romance, Erotic Romance

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"Here's what I know—there is something about a love story that can just take our breath away…but it can also provoke, inspire, and empower. I aim to create that kind of reading experience through sweet, magical, and powerful romantic tales surrounded by interesting backdrops, appealing diverse characters, with lots of intrigue and crazy love."

Sila Long, a native New Yorker educated primarily in the New York area, is currently an adjunct professor, psychotherapist, and writer. A former executive with several NPOs, she is married with two children and lives in the Northeast region.

Sila has a unique way of exciting and entertaining her readers through provocative and unpredictable contemporary tales of love with strong and relatable characters.

The complete A Brush of Fate Trilogy is now available.

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Sila Long Books

A Brush with Fate
A Brush with Fate
Crazy Love (A Brush with Fate Book 2)
Crazy Love (A Brush with Fate Book 2)
Always ~ A Brush with Fate ~ Book 3
Always ~ A Brush with Fate ~ Book 3

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