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A teacher by day an author by night. Writing stories that I hope my readers cannot put down. Self-published - self marketed -reader motivated.
My books can all be read as standalone's, however I have written four books that are linked in a series.
How would I characterize my books? Well I've been told they be good for LifeTime movies if the steamy scenes were taken out. My books do contain a few hot moments, but they are written in where normal passionate moments would be in real life. The story does not revolve around the sex. I try to keep my characters and dialogue real. Falling in love is a process and I believe I'm pretty good at getting my characters there in a true to life way. The other thing about my books is its not all about the romance. There is suspense and mysteries interwoven throughout. One of the best compliments I ever received was from my 81 year old Marine hardened Uncle who said he loved my stories.


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Genre Thrillers, Suspense, Action & Adventure, Contemporary Romance

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