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Author Tish Thawer writes paranormal romances for all ages. From her first paranormal cartoon, Isis, to the Twilight phenomenon, myth, magic, and superpowers have always held a special place in her heart. Best known for her Witches of BlackBrook series, Tish’s detailed world-building and magic-laced stories have been compared to Nora Roberts, Sam Cheever, and Charlaine Harris. Tish's books have been featured in British Glamour and Elle Magazines. Tish has worked as a computer consultant, photographer, and graphic designer, and has bylines as a columnist for Gliterary Girl media, RT Magazine, and Literary Lunes Magazine. She currently resides in Arizona with her husband and three wonderful children, and operates Amber Leaf Designs, an online custom swag retail store.

​A common FAQ: “How do you pronounce her last name?”
Answer: Think “Bower” or “Thow-er.” It’s Persian!​​

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  • Stacey Rourke,Tish Thawer

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TS901: Dominion : Command Control (TS901 Chronicles Book 2)

Publish Date: Jul 23, 2018

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

avg rating 4.936 reviews on Amazon

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  • On 29, 03 2018

    Tish Thawer interview

    Since she was a young girl author Tish Thawer loved anything to do with superheroes or magical powers. She had two creative parents who encouraged her and she always imagined stories in her head while playing with her barbies, which then developed into choreography as a teen (she been teaching dance since she was 15), and when she finally put pen to paper. With 5... read full interview