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Jan Porter grew up in rural Ontario, captivated by the Canadian literary classic tales of Robert Service's and Margaret Caven’s northern wilderness. Inspired, Jan dabbled with typewritten short stories and articles, founding the funky secondary school newspaper 'Cool School News'. After many years of raising children, counseling work in Human Services and earning a Ministers Degree, Jan cocooned in a northern Ontario sanctuary and began to polish the numerous literary fiction and personal growth books that had long been in various stages of completion.

Influenced by life experience and as a philosophical observer of the human condition and nature, Jan does not hold to any one tradition as one higher truth.
Viva la diversity!

With the wisdom of everyday unsung heroes and the human condition through the ancient art of storytelling, Jan Porter carves a new path.

“The best of your Ancestors and the magic of the cosmos is in your DNA!”


Bookworks Book of the Week Award:

‘Soul Skin, woman have you had enough’

‘Angel Guides, love communication’

Reader’s Favorite Book Award:

‘Soul Skin, woman have you had enough’

Jan is the founder of Soul Works Gifting Foundation (ad hoc) and a proud member of; The Writer's Union of Canada, the Mohawk College Alumni Association and the Bancroft Spiritual Centre.
Formerly published with Moose Hide Books, Canada.
Articles published: Mosaic Magazine, Owen Sound Sun Times, Wiarton Echo News, Tobermory Press, Medium online, One Thousand Trees magazine, Link magazine and co-founder of Mystical Voices Magazine.

Published Books:
~ "Soul Skin, Woman, have you had enough?", literary fiction novel
~ "Peaceful Warrior Woman", literary fiction novella
~ "Angel Guides, love communication", self-counsel
~ "Angel Guides, love communication - Workbook Journal", self counsel
~ "Spiritual Biz, passion and fulfillment in a changing global community", self counsel
~ "Soul Calling, your angel guided life purpose", self counsel
~ "Sacred Space, body mind soul after sexual abuse", self counsel
~ "Life After Abuse, a practical healing guide for survivors", self counsel
~ "SHARING: our stories, our selves, our success" published by; One Thousand Trees
~ "Izzy's Ghost's", a literary fiction novel in progress
~ "Maddy's Wings", a literary fiction novel in progress

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