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I enjoy relaxing with a good book. I love to travel with my husband going on adventures seeing and experiencing different people and places! I also love this new part of my life as an author. I enjoy writing and I hope that people are entertained by my stories.

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  • Kasey Martin

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Genre: Erotic Romance

Devilish Charm: Book 2 of the Devilish series (Delivish Series)

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  • On 13, 12 2017

    Kasey Martin interview

    Kasey Martin is an erotic romance writer and very politely claims that some of her works are “inspired” by her own experiences. Also, she strongly believes in coup de foudre, the love at first sight. In fact, when Kasey met her husband for the first time, she immediately felt a connection between them. And since then they are like wine and cheese, totally meant... read full interview