The root of impatience in discipline is really the same as that of overindulgence. In both instances parents want to make up for lost time to speed up a process that takes time. Russell Moore

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Katrina Liss
Katrina Liss
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Okay...hands up...I admit it.
I'm a complete and utter romance junkie. Love the thrills of the game. But I also love a real story behind the romance, something meaningful and exciting.

When I'm not scribing away (which I do a LOT of) I'm flying about the house catching up with the cleaning, cooking up a storm, or taking some nice long walks, spending time with my wonderful partner and my family.

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Dr Sex ~ The Full Series: Special Deal : Therapy ~ Consort ~ Falling (Dr Sex Series Book 4)

Publish Date: Nov 10, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Romance, Erotic Romance

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