The true end of tragedy is to purify the passions. Aristotle

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After spending more than twenty years as a professional composer, with an abiding passion for writing and the written word, I've finally turned things around and dedicated my creative energies toward writing, allowing my composing to become something I do in my spare time. Do writers actually have spare time? Well, sometimes. While my first series is in the Sci-Fi genre, I'm also writing a general fiction book, and have plans for several others, ranging from fiction to a three-volume series in the fantasy genre.

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Sun Killers

Genre: Science Fiction

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  • On 21, 04 2017

    Peter Amsel interview

    Music composer and writer Peter Amsel always had a love for the written word and poetry even as a child and he hopes to publish a collection of his poems one day. He loves both composing music and writing and regards them as a vast continuum that are quite complimentary to each other. One of the first pieces of writing that Peter ever felt pleased with was a speech... read full interview