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P.S.Syron-Jones P.S.Syron-Jones
  • Writing: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
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  • Born: 30,04,1970
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Mystery thriller novelist who ' works include "Rise of a Phoenix." and "Operation:UNITY".
Born in the West Midlands, Great Britain. Later i joined the armed forces where after 22 years of fun and adventure i left to start as a writer. Married with a daughter i still have not grown up which helps with the imagination. Love to travel and experience other cultures. love to love life.

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  • On 22, 11 2017

    P.S.Syron-Jones interview

    P. S. Syron-Jones after serving for 22 years in British armed forces left to try his hands in writing. He even enjoyed doing theatres for a brief period of time for his liking, during his college days. In this interview with us, Phill talked about his celebrated characters John Steel and Samantha McCall. Steel, a wealthy, charismatic, hard as nails English Lord and... read full interview