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“The core message in all my novels is that today justice is not being served. The Phoenix believes criminals should pay for their crimes; the current system fails to deliver the correct punishment. Olympus agents help him redress the balance. Life is all about balance, isn’t it? Good and evil, love and loss, laughter and tears.”

“I think of myself as a storyteller; with each successive book, I hope I get better at it. What I’ve been told is that the reader feels as if we’re sat across the table from one another, and I’m chatting with them. There’s always a rich vein of material for me to include in my books from news headlines. There are more stories left to tell.”

Ted Tayler was born in Corsham, Wiltshire in 1945. When he was five years old his family moved five miles up the road to Melksham. He’s lived there ever since. Ted’s been married to Lynne since 1971. They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

The collection so far: -
We'd Like To Do A Number Now (2011)
The Final Straw (2013)
A Sting In The Tale (2013)
Unfinished Business (2014)
The Olympus Project (2014) Phoenix #1
Gold, Silver, and Bombs (2015) Phoenix #2
Conception (2015)
Nothing Is Ever Forever (2015) Phoenix #3
In The Lap Of The Gods (2016) Phoenix #4
The Price Of Treachery (2016) Phoenix #5
A New Dawn (2017) Phoenix #6
Something Wicked Draws Near (2017) Phoenix #7
Evil Always Finds A Way (2017) Phoenix #8
Revenge Comes In Many Colours (2017) Phoenix #9
Three Weeks In September (2018) Phoenix #10
A Frequent Peal Of Bells (2018) Phoenix #11

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  • Ted Tayler

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The Olympus Project (The Phoenix Series - Book One)

Publish Date: Oct 26, 2015

Genre: Crime Fiction, Thrillers, Suspense, Action & Adventure

avg rating 4.152 reviews on Amazon

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  • On 23, 02 2018

    Ted Tayler interview

    Born to a large family in Corsham, author Ted Tayler’s first school was Lowbourne Junior followed by Trowbridge Boys High School when he turned 11. Ted’s mother, along with his eldest sister, and her sister-in-law (who were both English teachers) always encouraged the bookworm in him, but he only started writing in his mid-60s. Having sung in bands for years,... read full interview