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S. E. Turner S. E. Turner
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Sharon is the creator of the 'Kingdom of Durundal' series and credits her love of Scotland for the atmosphere and setting for the books.
She lives in a beautiful part of Hampshire and enjoys drawing, painting and visiting places of cultural interest. Always a keen reader and writer, Sharon spent many years as a teacher and continues to engage young people with her craft. Whilst being an author is her greatest accomplishment, her three daughters are her proudest achievement, and they give her the inspiration to succeed.

Other books are:
A Hare in the Wilderness - Book 1
A Wolf in the Dark - Book 2
A Leopard in the Mist - Book 3

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  • S. E. Turner

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Genre: Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction, Fantasy

A Leopard in the Mist (Kingdom of Durundal)

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