The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained. David Bohm

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Alex Bailey was a bored writer/editor of documents as monotonous as vacuum cleaner manuals. She left that life behind to create more exciting worlds than the one she lived in. The Future Memoir of Ann Jones is the first book under her assumed identity. When she's not listening to friends reveal wild stories about their future, she's tending to her organic garden while belting out show tunes. Ironically, Alex does not have the patience to sit still long enough to knit. Some of her favorite hobbies include: embarrassing her children in public with her rhythmically-challenged dancing, cleaning the small disc around the stopper of the bathroom sink, and dallying. She’d love to tell you more about herself, but as you know, she is incognito so as not to reveal the true identify of her friend, Ann Jones.

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