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Amy Sumida is the Internationally Acclaimed author of the Award-Winning Godhunter Series, the fantasy paranormal Twilight Court Series, the Beyond the Godhunter Series, the music-oriented paranormal Spellsinger Series, and several short stories. Her books have been translated into several languages, have made it to the top seller's list on Amazon numerous times, and the first book in her Spellsinger Series won a publishing contract with Kindle Press.
She was born and raised in Hawaii and brings her unique island perspective to all of her books. She doesn't believe in using pen names, saving the fiction for her stories. She's known for her kick-ass heroines who always have a witty comeback ready, and her strong, supporting male characters who manage to be sensitive and alpha all at once.
All she's ever wanted to do since she was a little girl was to write novels. To be able to do so for a living is a blessing which she wakes up thankful for every day. Beyond her books, she enjoys collecting toys, to keep herself young, and cats, to keep herself loved.

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  • Amy Sumida

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The Last Lullaby (The Spellsinger Book 1)

Publish Date: May 23, 2017

Genre: New Adult Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Women's Fiction, Fantasy

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    Amy Sumida interview

    Author Amy Sumida was born and raised in Hawaii and was writing full novels by the time she was in high school. Her father died when she was 11, but her mother has always encouraged her. Her love for Paranormal Romance began with a book given to her by her English teacher. Amy works every day and treats her writing as any other type of work. Being a big fan of triumph... read full interview