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Anne Mercier is the author of the bestselling Rockstar, Truths, and The Way series. She was born and raised in Wisconsin and still lives there today.

She's an avid reader who gets inspired by reading the stories from her favorite authors as well as listening to various types of music. She is a huge fan of music, chocolate, fruit, desserts, autumn, M. Shadows, Avenged Sevenfold, and Milo Ventimiglia. Through her books, she is proudly creating new Avenged Sevenfold and Milo Ventimiglia fans one reader at a time.

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  • Anne Mercier

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Falling Down (Rockstar, Book 1)

Publish Date: Sep 02, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romance

avg rating 4.1954 reviews on Amazon

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  • On 05, 03 2018

    Anne Mercier interview

    As a child, author Anne Mercier had a close-knit family and was always with her grandparents, which impacted a lot of her life. She wrote her first short story in fifth grade. Anne’s debut novel was Falling Down, Rockstar Book 1, which made its way to be #24 on Amazon's Bestseller List. Amongst many, some advice to new authors is to have a second book ready before... read full interview