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About Feeling like a baby foal finding her legs I waddle through this vast world of writing and publishing. I am an educator and service dog trainer. My passion is assisting others that have fallen on hard times. I come from a military family and love my country. I started out as an avid reader when I was told because I have dyslexia I can't succeed as a reader. I didn't like that so I challenged myself to find a way around my disability and read 550 books the first year. Then I was told I couldn't write because I have dysgraphia, I had a new goal. I have published two books, In the paranormal romance and mythology genre. What is my next project you may ask, helping others find their dream. Through this journey I have met so many people that just need some help. I started a non-profit Publishing house that focuses on assisting new and veteran authors in the world of self publishing. We currently run free writing workshops in Texas, for those that have been abused or have disabilities. Opening locations in other cities is currently in the works. To find this altruistic venture I give 10% of my proceeds from anthologies and my series back to the charity.

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