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Belinda G. Buchanan
Belinda G. Buchanan
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I am an author of edgy, women's fiction & mystery novels. My books are filled with emotion, drama, and angst. If you don't mind a few intimate scenes and a sprinkling of profanity here and there, then my books are for you. I create stories that deal with very personal and social issues: Alcoholism, mental illness, adultery, and domestic abuse as well as some other taboo subjects. My women are not weak, and my men are not always strong. You will find that my characters are not perfect - they are far from it, actually, because even heroes have a chink or two in their armor. It's what makes them human, and I find that fascinating.

On a personal note, I am a wife to my soulmate, mother of two boys (1 who loves me unconditionally, & 1 who loves me only when we're not in public), professional hamster wrangler, and firm believer that Krazy Glue fixes everything.

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  • Belinda G. Buchanan

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The Monster of Silver Creek

Publish Date: Oct 23, 2011

Genre: Crime Fiction, Suspense, Mysteries, Women's Fiction

avg rating 4.514 reviews on Amazon

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  • On 03, 08 2018

    Belinda G. Buchanan interview

    Born and raised in Kentucky, Belinda G. Buchanan is an author of edgy, women's fiction & mystery novels. Growing up she was tall, awkward, and painfully shy. Looking back now, she thinks that shyness probably steered her towards the path of writing. She was around eight or nine when she wrote her first story. Belinda has always been fascinated with the dark side of... read full interview