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Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer is the pen name used by Australian poet, author and researcher, Cecelia Hopkins. Cecelia was born in 1967 in Adelaide, South Australia. She grew up in the Barossa Valley, an area of South Australia predominantly settled by German immigrants. Even before she went to school, she remembers scribbling for hours on a piece of paper in imitation of her mother’s messy cursive. Early stories were about a magic car that could fly and dive! Cecelia also loved poetry and pumped out many juvenile ditties.
Cecelia moved to NSW to study, completing a Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Information Management and Master of Arts. Cecelia’s thesis entitled: THE LITERARY MANIFESTO OF H.P. LOVECRAFT: A WRITER IN SEARCH OF A THEORY (1993-1994) was completed as a research project which replaced several subjects in her Master of Arts through the University of New South Wales.

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Silver Springtime (The Silver Springs University Series Book 1)

Publish Date: Jul 28, 2017

Genre: Historical Romance, Christian Fiction

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