Non-violence requires a double faith, faith in God and also faith in man. Mahatma Gandhi

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CJ Harter has dissected human bodies in Sheffield, shushed library-users in Wigan, shared poetry in Liverpool, organised bedbaths in Salford. Now she helps folk connect with their creativity through writing. CJ has a degree in Literature and Philosophy, is mother to two adults, wife to one and slave to two tiny dogs.

First novel, psychological suspense Rowan's Well - “Some friends, you’re better off without” -won a Chill With A Book Readers’ Award, was shortlisted in the Words With Jam First Page 2017 Competition and is garnering fabulous 5 star reviews. Find it here:

New release Fitful Head: A Ghost Story - “Imagine you lose your mind... and something’s waiting to take its place” - recently won second prize in Liverpool Writing On The Wall Festival’s Pulp Idol contest and was highly placed in the international UK-NWC competition. Find it here:

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