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  • Writing: Fantasy
  • Country: Canada
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  • Profession: Retired Military Officer
  • Born: 9 April
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DONALD D. ALLAN is a Canadian author of fantasy and science fiction and a retired Royal Canadian Navy senior officer.

He is the GOLD medal winner of the Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards 2016 for the category Fantasy/Other Worlds for his debut novel Duilleog, the first novel in his New Druids series. He is now the BRONZE medal for the second novel, Craobh, and the GOLD medal winner for his third novel, Stoc, under the same category for 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Donald lives with his wife Marilyn, son James, daughter Katherine, and dog Woody, in Ottawa, Canada.

Donald is currently working on Cill Darae, the fifth volume in the New Druid series, and a sci-fi novel involving nanobots from 3 billion years ago.

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  • Donald D. Allan

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Stalk and Root (New Druids Series Vol 3 & 4)

Publish Date: Jun 10, 2018

Genre: Fantasy

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  • On 04, 04 2018

    Donald D. Allan interview

    Born in Ottawa, Canada, author Donald D. Allen always wanted to write for a living, fantasy always being his go-to genre. He joined the Naval Reserves in 1982 at 17, ignoring the advice of his teacher to become a writer. It was only after he retired from the military that he returned to writing. In his books, the main storyline drives his characters, but his characters... read full interview