The motto should not be: Forgive one another; rather understand one another. Emma Goldman

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E.L. DuBois was born and raised in Texas where she still lives today surrounded by her amazing family, and menagerie of fur babies. She loves to travel, has seen many beautiful places, and can not wait to see more. Erica is an avid artist, music lover, and reader. She is a Southern Belle at heart with a passion for red soled shoes, a good romance novel, and LV bags. When Erica is not writing she can be found enjoying a beautiful life with her loved ones.

Erica's personal experiences with domestic violence have made her an advocate, and supporter of great causes facing victims of any harassment or abuse. It is her greatest wish that no one ever has to suffer the traumas she endured, and that justice be brought for all those who have. These experiences have made her appreciate life, laughter, and love. She is a believer in positive attitude, positive actions, and paying it forward. Her motto is "do good things with no expectations, and life has a way of bringing goodness back to you".

In the end, Beauty and the Princess found their Knight in Shinning Armor. They now live happy healthy lives with the support of this wonderful man.

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The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath

Publish Date: Jun 06, 2018


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    E.L. DuBois interview

    Born and raised in Texas, suspense author E.L. DuBois has always been a storyteller and loves new experiences. Living in Texas with a family of creative individuals, Erica is an avid artist, music lover, and reader. Years ago a few of her paintings were displayed in a museum. Over the years, the abuse and harassment that she has gone through have taught her that no... read full interview