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C. F. Francis is a native Floridian who loves mystery, suspense and romance. Her favorite pastimes are reading, shelling and traveling. Her diverse background includes working in law, insurance, tourism and a stint with the Florida Legislature's Organized Crime Committee. She is honored to have friends who have served in the Special Forces and Military Intelligence, who have generously shared their expertise when asked. Ms. Francis lives in Southwest Florida near the areas where her novels take place.

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  • On 13, 02 2018

    C. F. Francis interview

    A Floridian by birth, C. F. Francis has also lived in Georgia and Indiana. She was raised by a single mother and was a voracious reader before she started writing. Her most memorable experience is her time with the Florida State House Select Committee on Organized Crime. During the Iraq war, she exchanged emails frequently with an Army Intelligence Officer and they... read full interview