Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it. Mahatma Gandhi

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A woman with the heart of a revolutionary,
The mind of a pragmatist,
And the inappropriate humor of your tipsy BFF...

Born in California and raised in South Florida, Harper Kincaid moved around like a gypsy with a bounty on her head ever since. Along the way, she worked as a community organizer, a professional matchmaker, an art teacher, a popular blogger, and a crisis counselor (to name a few). All the while, longing to have the guts and follow-through to do what I really wanted: to write and become a published author. That wish has finally come true.

Besides writing about sexy people falling in love, Harper adores listening to indie, lo-fi, complaint rock played on vinyl, wearing black, the theater, well-informed optimism, happy endings (both kinds), and making those close to her laugh 'til they snort. She's a self-admitted change junkie, loving new experiences and places, but have now happily settled in the cutest lil' town, Vienna, Virginia.

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Bind Me Before You Go (Serve)

Publish Date: Jul 21, 2015


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  • On 04, 05 2018

    Harper Kincaid interview

    Moving around a lot as a child made author Harper Kincaid learn how to adapt to different kinds of people and environments. Her first book was “Rule Breaker”, and her love for writing romance and happy endings hasn’t ceased. When it comes to writers, she adores Kristen Ashley, Cara McKenna, Sylvia Day, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Mary Karr and Augusten Burroughs.... read full interview