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Jade C. Jamison
Jade C. Jamison
  • Writing: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, New Adult Romance, Erotic Romance
  • Country: United States
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  • Born: 7 August
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For years, Jade C. Jamison tried really hard to write what she thought was more "literary" fiction, but she found herself compelled to write what you read by her today--sometimes gritty, raw, realistic stories and other times humorous, light tales--but most of the stories she writes revolve around relationships and characters finding their way through life. While she doesn't confine herself to just one genre, nor is there a nice neat label for what she writes, most of her work could be called erotic romance. Her main writing passions include rock star romance, romantic comedy, and romantic suspense.

She lives in Colorado with her husband and four children.

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  • Jade C. Jamison

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Bullet: An Epic Rock Star Novel

Publish Date: Feb 16, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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