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Janith Hooper grew up on a ranch in northern California. Ranch and farm life is what she knows, romance what she adores, and western romance what she loves to write. Janith lives with her husband of Janith forty-four years in Oakdale, California—Cowboy Capital of the World. She has four grown sons, three daughters-in-love, and four grandchildren. After raising her four sons, God directed her path to write novels. Harper Ranch’s A Quaking Heart is her debut trilogy. The first book—Let Your Heart Beat Again—of her next series, Cooper Bar-6 Ranch’s A Breath Without Life, is available now. Twelve years into this writing journey, Janith treasures every joyous moment of it. She wouldn’t dream of writing one word without God. In fact, she does it with Him, for you, her beloved readers.

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  • Janith Hooper

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Ride With Me (A Quaking Heart Novel Book 1)

Publish Date: Dec 13, 2013

Genre: Historical Romance

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  • On 26, 02 2018

    Janith Hooper interview

    Author Janith Hooper spent her childhood on a 700-acre ranch and was a tomboy by nature. Her favorite subject in school was math, but she was always making up romance stories in her head hoping to one day live out her own romance story. Only after working various jobs and raising her sons did Janith start writing, and she has no regrets. In everything, she puts her... read full interview