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About Author
J. Bengtsson J. Bengtsson
  • Writing: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance
  • Country: United States
  • Books: 4
  • Profession: Author
  • Born: 26 January
  • Member Since: Apr 2018
  • Profile Views: 3,077

Hello! I’m J. Bengtsson and I write the popular Cake Series. I'm a fairly new author (two years) and stumbled upon this new path in life in the strangest of ways. After reading a bad romance, I was convinced I could do a better job and sat down to write a story of my own. I added everything I'd ever wanted to read in a romance (love, humor, witty dialogue and tragedy) then quietly released the book without telling a soul (not even my family). Much to my utter surprise, Cake took off right out of the gate and within a month was on its way to becoming a bestselling novel. Suddenly, I had a brand new career and a very shocked family (They were told a few weeks later).

The Cake Series is a group of four interwoven books centered on the McKallister family who endure a tragic happening in the past. The first book, Cake: A Love Story, focuses on Jake, a rock star with a painful past who, aside from his close-knit family, has sealed himself off from the rest of world. At a wedding, a vibrant young woman takes him by complete surprise and turns his colorless world upside down.

When I wrote, Cake, I didn’t set out to create a romance novel as much as to create a sweeping love story. Romance is wonderful and exciting and intense (and in full display in Cake), but it’s love that sustains a relationship. I wanted to show a couple that was strong in their commitment to one another, a couple who would not be brought apart by misunderstandings or outside forces. I wanted a couple who would fight every step of the way for their relationship. That’s Casey and Jake. That’s Cake.

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  • J. Bengtsson

Book Views: 2458
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cake: A Love Story

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  • On 30, 07 2018

    J. Bengtsson interview

    After reading a bad romance and being convinced that she could do a better job, J. Bengtsson wrote the popular Cake: A Love Story series. J. Bengtsson has a family which is very proud of her and three kids who are horrified that their mom writes sex scenes. Bengtsson believes romance is wonderful and exciting and intense. After becoming a bestselling novel, Cake gave... read full interview