Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller

  • Writing: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Erotic Romance, Horror
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JM Blake has a few thoughts about life:

-Wine and coffee are a must, daily
-She talks through every movie and TV show- get used to it if you want to be her friend
-Cats beat dogs, hands down
-Admit that nerds run the world
-Nothing beats a good sex scene
-Chocolate is the food of the gods

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Impelled (The Power Series Book 1)

Publish Date: Jan 28, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Erotic Romance, Women's Fiction

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  • On 02, 11 2018

    JM Blake interview

    Romance author JM Blake is cooking, sneaking in video games, screaming at a sports game, or enjoying the Cali sunshine when she is not tearing through a word count. The author likes passionate arguing and sexual tension in her books that amplify the connection.
    The author hopes that people can use her work to escape, relate and be entertained. And of course,... read full interview