I dream because there is no other way I could see it happen. Author

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Jon was born in the majestic San Juan Islands, in Washington State (ten miles east of Vancouver Island) surrounded by artists and writers. Inspired by the faculty at his local high school, including the cousin of Kurt Vonnegut, author of over 25 books and plays, Jon always dreamed of writing his own book. Graduating from Anacortes High School, Westminster College, and the American Institute of Applied Politics, Franklyn worked on several political campaigns before he started his foray into business.

His business career eventually led him back to writing. In 2010, Franklyn sat down at a computer, and 90 days later he had written the first draft of “The Inset.” Years later, with the encouragement of his wife, Julie, he picked up the keyboard and pursued his career in writing. Several books later, Jon contacted an editor, and today you are enjoying the fruits of that labor.

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The Carbynarah Chronicles: An Epic Fantasy Fiction Adventure (Swords and Magic) Book 1

Publish Date: Oct 02, 2017


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