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Joseph Wurtenbaugh
Joseph Wurtenbaugh
  • Writing: Historical Mysteries, Romantic Suspense, Science Fiction, Fantasy
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  • Born: 1 August 1946
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'Joseph Wurtenbaugh' and 'Josephine Wurtenbaugh' are the writing names of Frank Dudley Berry, Jr. Both are variants of his mother's maiden name.

Mr. Berry's first novel was 'Thursday's Child', an epic love story that infused a conventional romance formula with a rich novel of ideas. Since a female pseudonym is all but required in that genre, Mr. Berry chose the name 'Josephine Wurtenbaugh'. (The author is married and the father of two daughters.) He still uses that variant for fiction that appeals primarily to women.

Mr. Berry uses the alternate version 'Joseph Wurtenbaugh' for other work. Three short stories, 'The Old Soul','Warm Moonlight', and 'Newton in the New Age'that appear as Kindle Singles, have been published under that name. He has also published a novel 'Alone in the Fortress' as 'Joseph Wurtenbaugh'.

His latest novel, 'A Prophet Without Honor', is a blend of meticulously researched history and sound speculation.

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Thursday's Child: An Epic Romance (Author's Revision)

Publish Date: Feb 09, 2018

Genre: Literary Fiction

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