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Writer, editor and animal lover. I have released my memoir to raise funds to create Rainbow Animal Sanctuary, a home for rescued ex-racing greyhounds and animals in need.
My memoir discusses child abuse, how it affects the adult ability to form healthy relationships, and being stalked by Martin Bryant, the gunman who committed the Port Arthur Massacre in Australia.

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  • Karen Collyer

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SHAME, GUILT, AND SURVIVING MARTIN BRYANT: One Woman’s Journey from Terror to Joy

Publish Date: Mar 06, 2018

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

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  • On 21, 08 2018

    Karen Collyer interview

    Born in Hobart, Karen Collyer remembers gentle days strolling through the Botanical Gardens with her Nanna when she was young. She enjoys time with her cats, pigs, and her beautiful dogs. Her kitchen, surrounded by her animal family members is her ideal setting to write in. Having been through so much and come out of it stronger, Karen believes that recovery is an... read full interview