It is never easy to win but it is a lot easier to win when you play well. The key is winning golf tournaments when you are not playing so well. Managing your game is something that I feel that I am still learning to do. Rory McIlroy

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K. Aten writes stories about extra-ordinary women who are each flawed and beautiful in their own way.

Her writing style is as varied as her reading taste and it shows as she tackles each new genre with glee. But beneath it all, no matter the subject or setting, Kelly carries a core belief that good should triumph. She's not afraid of pain or adversity, but loves a happy ending.

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  • K. Aten

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Waking the Dreamer

Publish Date: Jun 29, 2018

Genre: Action & Adventure, Romance, LGBT, Science Fiction

avg rating 4.49 reviews on Amazon

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