Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here. Marianne Williamson

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Lala Corriere
Lala Corriere
  • Writing: Thrillers, Suspense
  • Country: United States
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  • Born: 25 November
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-Since early childhood, Lala has been passionate about all the arts. She is a painter and a former stage performer. Early work careers blended high-end real estate sales while becoming president of an interior design firm.
Her fifth-grade teacher, Miss Macy, was the first mentor to suggest she consider a career in writing. That extension of the arts, the written word, turned into a full-time passion in 2001.
Career Highlights:
• Endorsement and long-term mentoring from the late Sidney Sheldon
• Published in regional magazines, newspapers, writer’s guides and journals.
• Award winning poetry.
• Endorsements from USA Today, The Arizona Daily Star, Andrew Neiderman [author of the Devil’s Advocate], J Carson Black, CJ West, The Virtual Scribe, Paris Afton Bonds, and many other remarkable authors.
• Widow’s Row
• CoverBoys & Curses
• Evil Cries
• Kiss and Kill. Endorsed by USA Today as MUST READ SUSPENSE
• Bye Bye Bones, endorsed by Betty Webb and JCarson Black.
LAST RELEASE: TRACKS. #2 in the Cassidy Clark Series.
COMING SOON: Lethal Trust

Readers and reviewers applaud her hallmark original plots, her in-depth character portrayals, rich scene settings, and authentic dialogue, all delivered with a fresh new voice. Oh, and her TWISTS!
Lala is a desert rat. She nestles there with her husband of over 30 years along with Finnegan & Phoebe— Teacup Yorkies weighing in at nine pounds….. total.

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Bye Bye Bones


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