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Lesley Tréville
Lesley Tréville
  • Writing: Action & Adventure, Fantasy
  • Country: Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain
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  • Profession: Bookkeeper
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I have the great honour of living in one of the Channel Islands, and work for two companies, part time, as a Bookkeeper. I am of, lets say, a mature age, and have now found a new passion - writing. Many years ago I found out I was adopted, and through lots of research I found out my birth father was from a Native American Tribe. I hope one day to write the full story, but for now another Tréville book is in the pipeline. I hope you enjoy my first book.

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  • Lesley Tréville

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Publish Date: Nov 14, 2017

Genre: Action & Adventure, Romance, Fantasy

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  • On 10, 08 2018

    Lesley Tréville interview

    Having the great honor of living in one of the Channel Islands, and working for two companies, part-time, author Lesley Tréville grew up in Lancashire with her parents. Being a bookkeeper, Lesley has always enjoyed working with fugues. As a child, the author absolutely loved playing football and netball. Having written two romantic novels filled with action and adventure,... read full interview