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Lorilyn Roberts Lorilyn Roberts
  • Writing: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult, Religion & Spirituality
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Lorilyn Roberts is an award-winning Christian author who writes for the young and the young at heart. When not writing books, Lorilyn provides closed captioning for television. She's adopted way too many cats from the humane society (she failed as a foster mother) and indulges her border collie, Sirius Black, with far too many walks, but that's because he thinks all her books are wonderful. And yes, he came from the humane society, too. Lorilyn is a single mother by choice. She adopted her two daughters from Nepal and Vietnam. Read her Amazon best-selling memoir, Children of Dreams, endorsed by New York Times best-selling author Jerry Jenkins, and be inspired.

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  • Lorilyn Roberts

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Genre: Christian Fiction, Teen & Young Adult

Seventh Dimension - The Prescience: A Young Adult Fantasy (Seventh Dimension Series Volume 5)

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