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Laurie Ault
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Laurie Ault, CAS is an Addiction Specialist with a background in Psychology, Sociology, Addiction Specialties and Criminal Justice. She has counseled the substance addicted person.

Ms. Ault reaches into her own personal experience with the Verbally Abusive Relationship which can become an Addiction. Her to the point descriptions and insights into this type of relationship can help others to identify how this can happen, what to look for and what can occur over time in the dynamic between two people who actually live in what she calls a different reality. Ms. Ault describes the difference between a Power Over and Personal Power type of relationship. Included are chapters on Warning Signs, The Conditioning of Women, The Conspiracy of Silence, Subjugation of Women, Equal Rights are Human Rights, Power and Control and how the Verbally Abusive relationship can make you "Uncomfortably Numb" over time. The first step is identifying what kind of relationship you will have or are currently experiencing. How to ask for change or how to ultimately leave this experience are also included here. The current climate in our country and the dialog yet to be had or concluded about Sexual Harassment and Disrespect are also a part of the discussion and conversation inside.

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Uncomfortably Numb How the Verbally Abusive Relationship can slowly Numb your soul: How to recognize Abuse And Ask for Change

Genre: Advice & How To

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