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I was a librarian for several years, and librarian, of course, equals book lover! I enjoy curling up with a good book when not writing, or daydreaming about a new novel to write. I'm a sucker for a good love story, and live on a steady reading diet of romantic suspense, thrillers, historical fiction and non-fiction, biographies and true crime.

I've always been a daydreamer, but didn't enjoy reading until I discovered Nancy Drew at age 10. As for writing, I never thought I'd actually pen a novel. I'm not a talker, so how could I ever fill up a book? As a quiet person, I internalize a lot. And later in life I discovered that internalizing can create some wonderful stories!

Being in an interracial marriage (I'm black and my husband is white), I enjoy exploring the topic of interracial/multicultural romance in our nation's past and writing tales of forbidden love.

Mixed race romance from decades gone by is emotionally explosive, providing heart-wrenching conflict, as well as incredible pain. Those elements combined create amazing stories. Love transcends all boundaries. If two hearts are meant to be together, they'll find a way, regardless of circumstance.

I graduated from Wittenberg University with a bachelor's degree in English, then received a master's in Library Science from Atlanta University.

I live in Cincinnati with my husband and our two sons. I'm a foodie, love old movies, history, museums and antiquing. I'm also a fitness fan and enjoy running. During my morning runs (or walks) I can come up with some great story ideas, if I'm not listening to a book! Book junkie that I am, audio books are an addiction!

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  • Maria McKenzie

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The Governor's Sons

Publish Date: Oct 17, 2011

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Historical Fiction, African American Interest

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    Author Maria McKenzie grew up in Cincinnati and moved around a lot after college but finally found her self back home after marriage and two kids As a child, she dreamed of being a ballerina. And didn’t seriously think about writing until she was an adult. Love is love regardless of color and she hopes her books can do their part in mending the racial division in... read full interview