There are moments that define a persons whole life. MOMENTS in which everything they are and everything they may possibly become hinge on a single decision. Jonathan Maberry

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Mark H. Newhouse
Mark H. Newhouse
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I love writing mysteries that have won many awards and make youngsters laugh while they're waiting for the next surprise. Welcome to Monstrovia; The Case of the Disastrous Dragon, and The Case of the Crazy Chickenscratches introduce law in comical cases they can't put down. My heroes solve problems with their brains and courage. My picture books feature activities and funny stories that become family treasures. I hope you love my books and thank you for your reviews. Coming soon: The Case of the Killer Knights. It was a hit-and-run accident by a DRAGON? This series has won the Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal; Readers Favorite Bronze Medal; First Prize in the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards, and a Top Ten Children's Book in the P&E Readers Poll. Anything can happen in Monstrovia, a secret sector of the US where danger is everywhere.

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  • Mark H Newhouse

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Welcome to Monstrovia (Tales of Monstrovia) (Volume 1)

Genre: Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult, Children's

avg rating 4.7 — 31 reviews on Amazon

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    Mark H. Newhouse interview

    Born in Germany to parents who survived Auschwitz and the Holocaust, author Mark H. Newhouse and his family came to the United States when he was a baby. His parents’ experiences and struggles, as well as his own, were the greatest influences on his life. His character Jasper Doofinch is based on Perry Mason, a television lawyer who greatly inspired him as a child.... read full interview