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Author of all trades, Matt Ferraz has written thrillers, sci-fi, cozy mysteries and a lot of witty e-mails that sadly can't be published. With a degree in journalism and a masters in biography, Matt has works published in English, Italian and Portuguese, and loves trying out new genres.

'Killing Dr. Watson' was released in March 2016 by MX Publishing. The book deals with TV series fandom, and follows the misadventures of a TV geek with no social life and a Sherlock Holmes actor past his prime who team up and become the most unusual detectives in the business.

With 'The Convenient Cadaver', Matt is starting the 'Grandma Bertha Solving Murders' series, starring an old lady who loves beer, dogs, horror movies and a good murder to solve. Grandma Bertha was based on Matt's own grandmothers and on an elderly friend, all of whom loved to be turned into a literary character.

Matt won't stop writing, and right now he's working on the next instalment of 'Grandma Bertha' and is the co-author of the LitRPG trilogy 'Know Thy Enemy'.

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