Men rush to California and Australia as if the true gold were to be found in that direction; but that is to go to the very opposite extreme to where it lies. They go prospecting farther and farther away from the true lead, and are most unfortunate when they think themselves most successful. Henry David Thoreau

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About I am 63 years old, I have 4 Stepchildren, who are all wonderful and we have a wonderful loving relationship, they have given me 5 beautiful grandchildren 3 Boys 2 Girls, I have to beautiful Nieces that I adore!!! I love being a grandmother and Aunt its absolutely wonderful, I'm retired and have a part time job working for a Law Firm and in my spare time I love to read and read! But my other passion is Football LOL, I'm a die hard Steeler and Raider die hard fan, but most of all I'm all about family and friends, loving the good times and the bad, but always staying connected with them.

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