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Geraldine Evans
Geraldine Evans
  • Writing: Thrillers, Suspense, Mysteries
  • Country: United Kingdom
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  • Born: 20 October
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Geraldine Evans is a British novelist. After eighteen years traditionally-published (Macmillan, St Martin's Press, Hale, Severn House, Isis (audio), she turned Indie in 2010, and thinks it's GREAT to have control of her life's work at last. She is the author of the 17-strong Rafferty & Llewellyn mystery series and The Casey & Catt series, as well as other works. Her latest novel (pub: 2016) is The Spanish Connection #17 Rafferty & Llewellyn series.

She is a member of The Crime Writing Association and Mystery People.

Her mysteries tend to the Cozy end of the spectrum, and although they're not Cozies at all in the strictest sense, as her main character is Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty, rather than a cat, dog or budgerigar, she does have a humorous element with Rafferty's ne'er-do-well family. Some of them are of the opinion - that if he must be a copper - he might at least have the decency to be a bent one.

Her working life, before she went full-time as an author, was so varied that she was bound to become a writer, sooner or later! It includes stints in a psychiatric hospital, a public library, running their own vehicle repair workshop with her mechanic husband, an au pair, behind bars, in factories, for the legal world, the energy world and the insurance world as an office temp. She's helped out in the Constituency Office of her local Member of Parliament and looked after other people's dogs while their owners took a holiday.

She's devoured mysteries and history for years. Agatha Christie, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (love, love love her books), Reginald Hill, P D James, Ruth Rendell, Janet Evanovich, and countless others, she must have read thousands of them, but she still comes back for more. She loves historical fact and fiction, her favourite historical fiction author is Sharon Penman, and her favourite mystery fiction is, of course, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles.

Her other interests included photography, getting God-like in the greenhouse, learning keyboards and painting amateur portraits of unwilling victims, but, apart from gardening, they've all had to be abandoned since the stroke in 2015. She might now be a one-handed typist, but she can still write books! She's written two since the stroke (Asking For It and The Spanish Connection), and is now getting on well with her eighteenth Rafferty novel (Game of Bones).

She spent most of her life in London (UK), where she was born and brought up, the youngest of four children born to Irish parents (Mum-Dublin, Dad-Limerick), but moved to a market town in Norfolk (UK) in 2000, with her late husband, George.

She has been full-time since 2011, and loves it!

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