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Mary Gillgannon
Mary Gillgannon
  • Writing: Historical Romance, Fantasy
  • Country: United States
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  • Profession: Library Paraprofessional
  • Born: 15 March
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Mary Gillgannon is the author of seventeen novels, including romances set in the dark age, medieval and Regency time periods. She’s married and has two children. Now that they’re grown, she indulges her nurturing tendencies on four very spoiled cats and a moderately spoiled dog. When not writing or working—she’s been employed at the local public library for twenty-five years—she enjoys gardening, reading and travel.

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  • Mary Gillgannon

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Lady of Steel (Medieval Ladies Series Book 1)

Publish Date: Jan 10, 2018


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  • On 04, 08 2018

    Mary Gillgannon interview

    Fascinated by history, as well as Celtic myth and legend, Mary Gillgannon wanted to be a cat. Having a health crisis when she was 30 was the catalyst for Mary to start writing creatively. Raised in the Midwest, she currently lives in Wyoming with her husband, two children, five cats and a dog. Moving to Wyoming, receiving a journalism degree at the University of Wyoming,... read full interview