Remember the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Lifes cruelest irony. Douglas Coupland

  • Writing: Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance
  • Country: Canada
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  • Born: 7 August
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Mimi is an incredibly busy New York Times, USA Today and award-winning, best-selling author who has seven series to her credit. She also has numerous box collections and single titles to add to her credits.

Mimi lives on the East coast of Vancouver Island with her loving husband and a son who makes her glad she was born a woman. Add in a niece whose family adds greatly to her enjoyment of life, and she's a happy soul. Gardening lights her inner fires, but alas, there's just not enough time to be outside when fictional characters vie to be heard.

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  • Mimi Barbour

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Special Agent Charli (Undercover FBI Book 6)

Publish Date: Aug 11, 2018

Genre: Romantic Suspense

avg rating 4.675 reviews on Amazon

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  • On 29, 05 2018

    Mimi Barbour interview

    Starting reading at a young age with Nancy Drew, moving to Archie comics and evolving into a reader of romantic suspense books, Mimi Barbour decided that she wanted to tell stories and wrote her first book at the age of fifty-five. Living in various places through her life and collected various experiences to put into words, Mimi writes romance novels which is a genre... read full interview