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Born in Staffordshire, living there until I was five, my father spent much of that time away. So, my mother and I lived with my grandmother, Ellise Parkinson.

My grandmother sparked my interest in anything theatrical, encouraging me with elocution lessons. Nanna was a Shakespearean actor, a producer with her own theatre ensemble, the All Saints Players. When much younger she was a member of the “No more war league” traveling the length and breast of England campaigning and speaking at large public meetings. When she passed away she was producing “The Importance of Being Earnest” by George Bernard Shaw. My wonderful grandmother had a great influence on me and my development.

Then life became exciting! Living like a gypsy, never staying anywhere longer than two years. Traveling with my parents. My father, now a retired aeronautical engineer, served as an officer in the fleet air arm, and was drafted on board carriers, and to naval bases around the UK and overseas.

These experiences colored my imagination giving me a wealth of different and diverse experiences, to draw on as a writer. Margaritte Parkinson, my mother was my stay in times of trouble, always there to give practical advice. A talented singer, she had eclectic tastes in music, opera been her passion. My mother was a wealth of knowledge on all matter of subjects, her wisdom a comfort to draw on.

When we were sent to Northern Ireland at the height of the trouble in the 50’s, and waking in the middle of the night to the sound of a bomb blowing up a shed near our garden. Next posting was kalafrana, Malta, three years of the most wonderful childhood in complete safety on this beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean, followed by three years in Hampshire, and four years in Helston, Cornwall where I fell in love with horses.

The day came when my father left the royal navy and not been the type of family to change a way of life, we moved to Australia, my father entering a career with Qantas. Twenty-three years spent finishing my education, teaching riding and competing, and employment in many wonderful jobs.

I was married in Australia gave birth to my daughter and then sadly divorced. When my father retired the family decided to come home to the United Kingdom, we are now all settled in North Wales, I lost my mother aged eighty-six and best friend who chose to end her life aged forty-six, and me I became a grandmother. The wheel has turned full circle.

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