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Margaret Newmeli
Margaret Newmeli
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  • Country: Cameroon
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My first book Another Dimension The Ultimate Amalgam. I am a big fan of superheroes, manga, cartoons, anime. My biggest dream has always been to meet them. I love them so much.

As a child, I used to pray that they should exist. They haven’t come to me yet but what would I be without my dream. I believe they are, in Another Dimension and Alan, Noah, Ryan and Zach have gone there and met them. These are no original characters. These are the people we watch on TV as they live in their home world.

Alan and his friends have realized my dream and Nootra is the world as I’ve always wanted; where none hurts, where there are no frontiers, where there’s no poverty, sickness, racism, where people are happy knowing themselves as one man, and above all, where superheroes patrol downtown.

All my dreams and hopes for humanity are in this series of books.

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  • Margaret Newmeli

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Another Dimension Worlds Collide: Friendship (Volume 3)

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult, Children's

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